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Textbook Rentals - Everything You Need to Know

Is renting a textbook for you?

Renting a textbook is a great way to save money vs. buying the book new. Obvious reason to rent vs. buy. But there some other things to consider:

1. What type of course is it for? Is it a book related to your field of study you might need again? Is the book being used for more than one term?

2. Do you like to highlight heavily in your texts and make notes in the margins? Do your books often end up with coffe stains after a cram session? Do you return library books on time or due you often pay fees?

Depending on your answers to the above, you may have a better idea if renting a textbook is right for you. Be sure to read over the process and be familiar with the terms before you rent a textbook.

The Process

1. Find your course in the shelves in the Bookstore.

  • Look for the blue RENTAL sticker on the ends of textbooks.
  • If you see one, it is rentable (THAT copy only).
  • If you do NOT see one, then there are no rentals available for that title.
  • The cost of our rental books is 50% of the NEW price.
  • We do not rent used textbooks at this time.
  • Rental textbooks are not available online at this time. Check the menu on the right to see the titles we currently have to rent.

2. Make sure you have your student number available when you pay for you rental. We need the following:

  • Your Student ID
  • A current email address
  • Money to pay for your rental
  • Please note that sponsorship accounts may NOT be used to rent books.

3. Your receipt will have a copy of the rental policy, as well as the terms of your rental, including:

  • The date your rental is to be returned
  • The amount you will owe if your textbook is returned past the due date

4. You may still return your book within 14 days from the start of the term for a full refund of the rental fee.

5. If you bring your rental back after the last day to return, your copy is checked back in without a refund.

6. Note you do not have to have your receipt to check your book back in.