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Textbook buyback

Every book has value at Camosun Bookstore!

Sell your new & used textbooks!

Please be aware that our buybacks are cashless. What does this mean? In order to improve security and safety at the buyback, when our third party partner purchases a textbook from you, they will be placing the purchase amount on your debit card. Please remember to bring your Student ID and debit card to buyback!

You have the opportunity to sell your texts several times a year at both Bookstore locations, usually the week of exams (Click here for the buyback calendar). For texts we are purchasing, the Bookstore pays up to 50% of the current retail price, whether or not you purchased the text new or used.

For texts that are not being adopted for next term, we work with a leading used book wholesaler and may be able to offer you the wholesale price, which will be less than 50% and depends upon supply and demand.

During buyback, the Bookstore posts its buyback list under the sell textbooks section of our website. 

We do encourage you to bring all your books, not just those on the list, for an appraisal from our book buyer. We may purchase textbooks that were part of a shrink wrapped bundle. These textbooks have a different ISBN than the original bundle and may not appear in our list.

If you have books from the recent semester that you would like to sell but that are not on our buyback list, they may be on a future list. For example, instructors may not be using a book from the recent winter or current spring term until next winter. So those books won't appear on our buyback list until closer to that semester. It it is worth trying again!

Remember to bring your Student ID. We are not able to purchase your books without your Student ID!

In Store Buybacks - Your second chance

Watch for our in store buybacks, which will normally fall the Wednesday after we have a regularly scheduled buyback. What is the difference from a regular buyback? For the in store buys, there is no 3rd party wholesaler, which means your book will only be bought if the Bookstore needs it. Watch the website for announcements for our next in store buy, or ask any of our staff. Remember you can check online to see if your book is on our list before you bring it in! Check the booklist here!

Donate books

Books are constantly being updated and therefore it is inevitable that some books will go out of print every term. However, these books still have value and we encourage you to donate them to a worthy cause. The Bookstore has partnered with Better World Books http://www.betterworldbooks.com )  to distribute our donated books to less fortunate people all over the world. To date the Camosun community has donated thousands of books to this worthwhile cause. With our help, Better World Books has funded the shipment of over 200,000 books to Africa and built seven new schools in Southeast Asia. Learn more at our sustainability page.

As you can see, every book has value. For less fortunate readers worldwide your books are priceless!